I'm Kayla Schofield, born and raised in Woodstock, NB. I'm a mama of 2 and wife to the most supportive husband.  

When I'm not working out or being a mama, I work as a Respiratory Therapist. I take great passion in my career. I help people breathe, get better, improve their quality of life, and sometimes save lives.

After having my first daughter, I got into a deep hole of postpartum depression. I thought I would never be able to climb out of it until exercise and fitness changed my life and my family. I am a better person, a better mom, wife, friend and RT by taking care of myself every day before I take care of others. I maintain my fitness and wellbeing to live a long healthy life for my two daughters.

When I first started taking supplements, it was hard to find one that worked well and tasted good. I used to plug my nose to drink pre-workout, or I found a flavour I liked but didn’t give me the boost I needed. Finding supplements that both worked and tasted like a delicious treat was GAME-CHANGING. Now filling my shaker up with Sweat Supps is part of my routine I look forward to every day. 

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be affiliated with Sweat Supps. It has given me so much confidence and kindled friendships and support I didn’t even know I had. I am proud to partner with and promote such an inclusive local business.

Favourite flavours of STAMINA & BCAA:

I always struggle with this question because I LOVE them all and go through waves where I reach for one flavour more than another and by next week, I'll change my mind, so all of them. Current favs are Strawberry Lemonade STAMINA and Cherry BCAA

Favourite way to take Marine Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid:

I am coffee obsessed - I love adding Marine Collagen to my morning cup. Using collagen has helped me minimize the amount of creamer I use. I love how the unflavoured formula still gives the coffee a creamy taste and texture. Using collagen has made a positive impact on my mask-ne and recovering from postpartum hair loss and breakage. 




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