5 Myths About Supplements

5 Myths About Supplements

1. All supplements are the same quality. 


When in doubt, look for quality ingredients and seals of approval such as cGMP Certified, FDA Registered, Health Canada Site Licensed and NPN Licensed. For a breakdown of our certifications, click here

2. Supplements are only for professional athletes.

FALSE: Everyone can benefit from supplements!

No matter your level of fitness, they can help you achieve your personal goals. Here's a breakdown of the benefits of STAMINA and BCAA.

3. Supplements are a quick fix. 

FALSE: Supplements will never magically help you gain muscle or lose fat.

They should supplement regular exercise and nutrition -- they only work if you do! 

4. Supplements are meal replacements.

FALSE: Supplements alone will never replace a proper diet.

Use supplements in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise. Check out our Pre-Workout Nutrition and our Post-Workout nutrition blog posts to learn more about the importance of proper nutrition. Bonus: lots of meal + snack ideas!

5. Supplements work the same for everyone.

FALSE: Each individual is unique and may respond differently to the effects of supplements.

Its effectiveness varies based on tolerance, genetics, fitness level, and the intensity of training. Visit our FAQ page to see if they're right for you.

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