Frequently Asked Questions

Sweat Supplements is not for individuals under the age of 18. Consult a healthcare practitioner before use if you have a medical condition, are pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Q: Are your products Third Party Tested?

Yes, all our products are Third Party Tested and GMP Certified. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensure that drugs meet the quality standards appropriate to their intended use before being sold.

Q: Is the Stamina Pre-workout safe to consume while breastfeeding?

First and foremost, we recommend consulting a physician. The main concern is caffeine consumption. Upon consulting a physician, we determined that someone who regularly drinks coffee could safely replace it with a half scoop of STAMINA formula. We would still recommend checking with your doctor before trying STAMINA.

Q: Is the BCAA Formula safe to consume while breastfeeding?

First and foremost, we recommend consulting a physician. BCAA does not contain any caffeine; it contains artificial sweeteners. Upon consulting a physician, our formula is safe to consume while breastfeeding.

Q: How long do your products last?

BCAA has 60 servings per container with 5g per scoop. It will last between 4.5 and 8.5 weeks depending on if you are using one or two scoops per day.  

STAMINA has 25 servings per container wth 19g per scoop. Depending on your caffeine tolerance, you may only need a half scoop. At minimum, it should last 4-6 weeks.

Q: What difference will a pre-workout make?

Our STAMINA pre-workout formula improves blood flow, protects your muscles from damage due to extreme exercise, distributes energy throughout the body, and increases strength and fat-free mass. It also gives you a caffeine boost! Check out this blog post to learn more. 

Q: How does your BCAA formula work?

It contains three Essential Amino Acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These are essential because the body cannot build them from other compounds. They must come from diet or supplementation. Supplement with BCAA to reduce muscle soreness, improve hydration and endurance. Our formula supports tissue repair, muscle growth, wound healing, and immune function. It also regulates blood-sugar levels and is involved in energy production. Check out this blog post to learn more. 

Q: Can I take STAMINA pre-workout on an empty stomach?

If you take it on an empty stomach, the effects of the pre-workout may absorb quicker than if you have a meal before taking it. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and during your workout. We always recommend starting with a half scoop to test your tolerance.

Q: I am interested in trying STAMINA. I have seen warning labels advising people on blood thinners not to take pre-workout. Why is it not recommended? 

You certainly want to be cautious with stimulants and heart conditions. The caffeine in STAMINA may have adverse effects with blood thinner medications.We strongly recommend you check with your physician before taking. See our ingredient list here

Q: I have Type-1 Diabetes. Are Sweat Supplements diabetic-friendly, as in, no added sugar? 

We recommend consulting your physician before using our products. There are no added sugars in BCAA or STAMINA; they both contain artificial sweeteners. BCAA contains sucralose and natural/artificial flavour. STAMINA contains stevia, sucralose, and natural/artificial flavour.