MOMivation Series: Meet Chelsey

MOMivation Series: Meet Chelsey

Chelsey Daley on her story of opening a thriving health food store, Sequoia Fredericton, becoming a mother and sharing her love for wellness with the Fredericton community.

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Chelsey Daley; I am a mom of two and a business owner in downtown Fredericton. I grew up in Moncton and moved to Fredericton in 2011 to attend St. Thomas University. I graduated from university and married my high school sweetheart in 2015. We decided to put down roots in Fredericton and opened a thriving business in 2017. Since then, we have grown our family with two beautiful children. I am passionate about all things wellness and love motivating others around me.

Portrait of Chelsey by Candy Chesterton
Credit: Photo by Candy Chesterton 

When and how did you open Sequoia?

I opened Sequoia in 2017. It was a crazy journey. Many years of planning, dreaming and brainstorming went into opening my store. Recently we have rebranded, and I made Sequoia Fredericton 100% mine and a reflection of myself and our community. I often joke that Sequoia is my firstborn. I am so proud and obsessed with watching my business grow.

Left: the original Sequoia logo. Right: the new logo after their re-brand. 

When did your fitness journey begin?

Jonathan and I moved in with his parents while we finished university in 2013. After an extremely challenging summer, I decided to focus on myself and my mental and physical health. I removed a lot of people from my life, I started focusing on myself and my family. 

In 2013 we also adopted our dog, Ben. He was a high-energy dog who loved to run. He has slowed down over the years, but I still love running with him by my side. After a year of running and focusing on putting good food into my body, I picked up strength training. 8 years later and I still move my body every day. I love the burn you get from lifting, and I love the thrill and escape of running. I cannot imagine not working out. It is my escape, my happy place, and so good for me mentally and physically. 

Did your interest in fitness change when becoming a mom?

If anything, becoming a mom showed me how important physical activity is for me. I want to be in the best shape to keep up with these busy, little humans. I want to be the type of family that packs up and goes on big hikes together, which is a different lifestyle than how I was raised. In a world run by screens, I want my family to focus more on family hikes, bike rides and adventure, with, of course, the occasional movie night.  

How do you balance being a mom, running a business and making time for fitness/self-care?    

Wake up early! I cannot stress enough how waking up at 5 am sets the tone for my entire day. By the end of the day and after getting two kids down to sleep, it’s rare that I have the energy to get a workout in. Alone time in the morning; to enjoy a coffee, get a good sweat on before the rest of the house is awake is key for my success as a mom, business owner, and athlete. (Well, maybe not an athlete but an active person. 🙂) 

What is one piece of advice you have for first-time Moms?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it’s not easy, trust me, I know! But if you have people in your life who are willing to help, reach out. 

Take time for yourself, whatever that looks like. For me self care is getting out with my dogs every day for a walk, having a quiet bath, cleaning the house. Whatever your alone time looks like, make sure to schedule it in. It’s so easy to get caught up in the endless to-do list, be sure to pencil in your alone time. 

Also, you’re doing an incredible job! Motherhood is so so hard, but you got this. 

How do Sweat Supplements fit into your life?

Sweat Supps fuel my morning workouts. They help me push my workouts to the next level. I love the rush I get from Stamina. The flavour is better than literally any other pre-workout on the market. 

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You can follow her business for all things health and wellness, @Sequoia.Fredericton and keep up with her on IG @mydaleylife_.

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