MOMivation Series: Meet Nadia

MOMivation Series: Meet Nadia

"My definition of staying on track has changed from perfection to just consistent."

When/how did your fitness journey begin?

I grew up in a low-income home with abuse present. Food had always been my way of coping, and it wasn’t long before I developed an eating disorder; I was 11 years old. 

My roommate at university was a frequent gym go-er who convinced me to get a gym membership and attend with her. She was on her own fitness journey and as we were both new to the area, going together would be easier! During this time, we would stay consistent for a week, or maybe two, but I still struggled with my eating disorder and used food as a coping mechanism.

It was not until I experienced my first miscarriage that my eyes truly opened to the harm I was doing to my body. I had always wanted to be a mother so I let that become the force that drove me. I started taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle in hopes that I would be able to conceive.

What motivated you then, and how do you stay motivated now?

The hopes that one day I would be on the road to recovery and become a mother. Now, my two beautiful, healthy boys remind me to continue to work on being the best I can be for them. I continue on my journey to show them that beautiful things can come from dark situations that we need to care for ourselves and love our bodies. I continue to work on myself so I can live a long life and keep up with this crazy household full of boys!  

How did you determine your goals and stay on track?

Determining my goals is the one thing that has changed the most throughout the past three years on this journey. When I first started, my goal was simply about losing weight and becoming stronger. When people say you fall in love with self-improvement, they are not wrong. My goals have evolved from minimizing the space I take up, to always challenge myself. To be bigger, better, and stronger. Similarly, when it comes to staying on track, I used to be so hard on myself if I wasn’t 'perfect' when it came to diet and exercise. Once I stopped being so restrictive and learned that this is a lifestyle, not temporary action- I found balance. Now my definition of staying on track has changed from perfection to just consistent!  

What advice would you give to someone who is having a hard time getting started? 

There is no perfect time to start, so don’t wait. Don’t wait for tomorrow or Monday, just put one foot in front of the other and start.

As long as you’re moving, you're going in the right direction! Learn from your mistakes and remember that the best things in life take time! 

If you could change one thing about the fitness industry, what would it be?

The idea that we need to be ashamed of who we are or what we look like during our journey. That we shouldn’t be proud until we have reached an optimal destination! Just starting is a reason to be proud. Focusing on the now is important. It can be disheartening to be so narrowed-in on the end game.  

How do Sweat Supps help you level up?

With a million things on the go at any given time; as a mother, full-time worker, and student, amongst other things, sometimes getting it done (as much as I love it) can be daunting after a long day. Sweat Supplements never fail to combat this and give me something to look forward to; it gives me that added push to just get going!!

You can follow Nadia on Instagram @balancedbyers.

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