MOMivation Series: Meet Stef

MOMivation Series: Meet Stef

"You have to let your body do what it needs to do through pregnancy. Sometimes it’s extremely hard, sometimes it’s crazy- but you need to rest, eat and move when you feel like it."

Tell us a little about yourself?

Born and raised on PEI, I’ve always had a love for outdoors and being active. My fondest memories growing up are things I did outside, like playing catch with my dad, going on adventures in the woods, and of course being close to the ocean. Now I’m a mom of two boys, a 5 year old & 7 month old, and I still need and love those parts of my days and can’t wait to make those memories.


When did your fitness journey begin?

I would say it was in high school when fitness really clicked with me, I played softball and I loved going for a long run. I didn’t know it then but it definitely helped my mental health, it was an outlet when the pressure of high school felt heavy. From there I grew to love all the different ways I could move my body and help my mind. Yoga, strength training, HIIT. I love trying new things, challenging myself, learning and growing constantly! 

Did your interest in fitness change when becoming a mom?

Becoming a mom has taught me how much more important fitness is in my life. It gives me some alone time, that helps me be a better mom, time to work on me. It’s easy to give your all to your kids and forget about taking time for yourself. My workouts have been a priority in my pregnancies and postpartum for many reasons. The long term effects especially, I need to chase two boys for years to come and I plan to keep up!

We know you took your pregnancy + postpartum training during your pregnancy. What are three recommended exercises for pregnant women? What are three recommended exercises for postpartum women?

Taking the pregnancy and postpartum course while I was pregnant taught me a lot. I could give you 3 exercises for pregnancy and postpartum but they may not suit everyone. The process and our bodies are all so different. What I would suggest to anyone pregnant would be to focus on foundational exercises that you enjoy and feel comfortable doing. For example a squat, deadlift or seated upper body. It’s about being safe, and feeling good. 

The same goes for postpartum, every woman delivers their baby differently with different birth weight. Their body strength prior to that can effect their postpartum journey. I highly suggest everyone see a pelvic floor physio therapist if you’re 5 months or 5 years postpartum. Listen to your body, and again, do what’s comfortable for you. Take your time getting back into it, modifying can be more challenging than picking up those heavy weights and saying “I did it.” But it’s worth it to take your time. It’s like healing an injury, our bodies go through a lot. Start with basic movements. Make sure you’re listening to professionals. 

What is something you learned with your first pregnancy that helped you with your second?

I learned quickly that you have to let your body do what it needs to do through pregnancy. Sometimes it’s extremely hard, sometimes it’s crazy but you need to rest, eat and move when you feel like it. You might miss workouts, but you’ll make them up. You might move slower and lift lighter, but you’ll get back to where you were. Patience is a life challenge that is very underrated. 

What's one piece of advice you have for postpartum moms trying to get back into a routine?

If I was to tell postpartum moms any advice going back into their fitness journey it would be to not stress. Being a mom is hard enough, our bodies need time to heal, don’t rush it. Relax when you can and safely get back into moving your body. Find workouts that support the change that your body has gone through. But don’t stress about a transformation, our babies grow so fast, enjoy the snuggles. Stress can cause so many problems. Make time for yourself when you can and find a balance. Before you know it, you’ll be walking 15km a day without realizing chasing a toddler around! 

What Sweat Supps did you take during your pregnancy and/or post-partum?

Sweat Supplements launched right after I had Maddox. Once I stopped breastfeeding I’ve been using both BCAA’s and preworkout. I need all the STAMINA I can get when we have those sleepless nights! 

You can follow along Stef’s journey on Instagram @stefaniebfit. Shop the supplements she uses here.  

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