Sweat Club Inc. Launches Sweat Supplements

Sweat Club Inc. Launches Sweat Supplements

Laura Clendenning launches a new sports nutrition line. Sweat Supplements is a culmination of her personal fitness journey, training thousands of clients across Canada, and a strong mission to break the stigma that supplements are complicated. As a result, Sweat Supplements offers science-backed products created with few ingredients to take your fitness to new levels.

When Laura started in the fitness industry back in 2012, she had the opportunity to work with multiple supplement companies. Since then, it has been a dream of hers to create her own sports nutrition line. The idea for Sweat Supplements was born when Laura wanted to offer her devoted clients something to level up their workouts.

Laura wanted to start with two products she saw the most personal gain from within her fitness journey. Pre-workout and BCAA formulas have been a part of her supplement stack for years. 

  • STAMINA ($54.99 CAD), a pre-workout formula that delivers incredible energy, explosive strength and perplexing muscular pumps. Available in the flavours Strawberry Lemonade and Grape. 
    • Increases:
    • Focus
    • Energy
    • Performance
  • BCAA ($44.99 CAD), the ideal ratio of 2 parts Leucine to 1 part Isoleucine and Valine. Get back to exercise quicker with our speedy recovery formula. Available in the flavours Peach and Cherry. 
    • Improve HYDRATION
    • Improve ENDURANCE

Sweat Supplements are NPN Licensed, GMP/FDA Registered, and made at a Health Canada Licensed Facility in Ontario. Creating the products in Canada was a top priority. 

The packaging is light and sleek. The minimalist design aligns with the brand's mission to simplify supplements.

Sweat Supplements launches on December 10th, 2020 at SweatSupplements.ca and at Sweat Club, 361 Queen Street, Fredericton NB.


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