How To Make A Campaign Video

How To Make A Campaign Video

Are you planning to make a campaign video for a product or brand? Here's our process and how we did it!

The best part of this journey (so far) is that everything we have tackled has been a new experience. This has been fun and exciting but also a tad overwhelming. Thankfully, we live in a world where we can access countless resources with the click of a button. 

We worked with Andrew Kelly (Same As Forever Creative Studios, to bring our vision to life. After reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, and looking at other brands' content, we have come up with six elements to focus on when planning a campaign video.

1) The Story

Ask yourself the following questions when planning your video:

  1. What do I want to achieve?
  2. What message do I want to share?

Creating a storyline will be easy once you have determined the core message and purpose of your video. With ours, we wanted to show:

  1. How simple it is to add Sweat Supplements into a fitness routine
  2. The effectiveness of our pre-workout Stamina, and our BCAA formula during and post-workout 
  3. The Sweat Supps lifestyle 

Other things to consider when planning your story: 

  • If/how you will incorporate text and other visuals to assist with messaging
  • Duration: the length of your video will depend on your use, industry, and the channel 


  • Your video should be easy to follow without volume, as viewers on mobile devices won’t necessarily have the volume up. 
  • Our priority was sharing on social media. With that in mind, we aimed for 30-45 seconds.

2) The Shot List

Once you’ve established your purpose and story, it’s time to split it into frames. We decided on four locations to feature in our video and the various shots we wanted to capture at each. 

Break the story down in a chart with a timeline and description for each location and scene. Add any notes for text/visuals you would like to add to the final video, or transitions you have in mind. 

Finally, decide how you want your video to look. We referenced this blog to decide what styles we wanted for each shot.

Laura + Andrew at video shoot, Fredericton New Brunswick

3) The Music

The music you choose to accompany your video will play a huge role in its tone. If you’re stuck, there are a ton of royalty-free songs available on sites like the YouTube Audio Library.

According to Think With Google, when it comes to advertising and brand awareness, featuring music in the first five seconds might have a negative impact. Additionally, people are more likely to skip ads that feature calming, relaxing, or action-oriented music.

Lucky for us, someone close to the brand made a song just for our video (shout out to Fraser!)

4) The BTS Content

Capture moments from the video shoot to share with your audience. There are endless opportunities to use and recycle this footage over the course of your content strategy.

Behind-the-scenes footage and “unfiltered” content is a fun way to give your audience an inside look at your brand. Polished and perfect is the way to go for all professional posts, but bringing personality in day-to-day content is key to keep yourself relatable.



5) The Teaser

Plan for a condensed version of your video to use as promotional material before the launch. One or two short, five-second videos will work. Make a couple of versions to cross-compare and solidify the tone for each. 

We decided on two videos, one for our Founder Laura’s personal page and then another for the brand pageWe wanted to feature the highlights from the full video without giving away too much! For our teasers, we included some unused clips and ended with our logo. 



6) The Final Cut

This is what you have been working toward! At this stage, perfecting the timing, text, and transitions will ensure your video is elevated to a polished final cut. After a lot of back and forth around editing, you will find yourself going crazy. Don’t worry - this is normal, and your perfectionism will pay off. 

Take a look at our final video below. 

A Message from Our Founder, Laura Clendenning

I had an absolute blast creating this video! After spending endless hours working on Sweat Supplements in silence, I felt that a lot was riding on the first campaign video. I kept reminding myself, 'you only have one chance to make a good first impression.' The teaser and campaign videos were our first introduction to you all. I truly wanted to get you stoked for the brand and I believe we did just that. 

The shoot day would not have gone as successful as it did without hours of planning. For that, I want to give a massive shout out and thank you to our Marketing Specialist, Rachel Halferty! 

Good luck and happy video making! If you have made a campaign video, what are some tips you learned from your experience? Leave us a comment!

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